Thursday, 5 June 2014

Know how to unlock a galaxy s2

Usage of smart phones has increased drastically in recent years. With the various benefits offered by these smart phones, many are showing their interest in purchasing them. There is no doubt in the fact that these smart phones have brought the world to our finger tips. In the smart phone world Samsung has created a wave. With the extensive features offered by these Samsung galaxy s2 phones, many are
keen and interested to know about how to unlock a galaxy S2. The current article gives you detailed process about how to unlock a galaxy S2
The only drawback of these smart phones is that, they will come into the hands of the user with network locked. When the user buy Samsung galaxy S2, he has to use certain network for specific period committed the Samsung authorities. It can be anywhere between 6-12 months. The Samsung galaxy might have given commitment to few network providers that the user will use that specific network for that specified period. After the successful completion of this period, you will get the unlocking code of your network and you can insert the SIM of your desired network and use the mobile.
We know that all the networks are not available in all the countries but, these Samsung galaxy is available in all the countries. If you are living in a country that has no network coverage of specific service provider with which Samsung Galaxy s2 has tie up, then it is important for you to know how to unlock a galaxy s2. You will get a free unlocking ode to your mobile with specific procedure after completing the tie up period with that specific network. If you want the unlocking code earlier than that , you should pay for it and use the network of your preferred choice.
Different phones have different unlocking instructions; you should fallow them carefully to unlock the smart phone from tie up network. You should be very careful in unlocking the galaxy s2 smart phone, if you fail to unlock the phone for three consecutive times, the smart phone will be locked again.
Read this the standard procedure to know to how to unlock a galaxy S2 smart phone.
  • Check if the phone’s network is locked. This can be done by typing *#7465625# into your keypad. As soon as you insert it, it will prompt you asking the unlocking code for the phone.
  • The next step s to type *#06# into your keypad, you will be prompted with IMEI number., should make a note of it.
  • You can request the network service provider for unlock code after the tie up period. If you are wishing to have it ahead of tie up period with the original carrier, you can get the unlocking code from the commercial unlocking website.
  • You will either get it over your phone or though the email form the network service provider. The next step is to insert the foreign SIM card that is not accepted by your phone. Switch it on. It will ask for the unlock code enter the unlock code and you are done.

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